Angelic Affairs...

was officially created in 2011 with the basic belief and principal of Oneness.  Regardless of the event being planned, there are typically two or more people coming together to collaborate for the same soul purpose of celebrating One spectacular event or creating one or several amazing projects.  With weddings, our goal has always been to unify and showcase both the bride and groom as the individuals that they are as well as the unified couple they've become by celebrating their union in marriage in a way that's unique to them and their story.  In doing so, not only are we creating another beautiful wedding, but we are creating an experience in which invited guests will remember THEIR wedding rather than just "so & so's wedding.  

But before there was Angelic Affairs, there was just a passionate young lady with a dream -- Kelly Teves, Owner | Wedding & Event Planner | Floral & Interior Designer of Angelic Affairs.  Kelly has limited her clientele to only 2 events per month as she handles each and every client personally with the aid of her talented assistants.  The events Kelly designs and coordinates are non-cookie-cutter fusions; although, traditional weddings and events are welcome also.  

Be sure to check out Angelic Affairs' flash website on your laptop and/or desktop computer for TONS more photos and goodies not seen on our mobile site!

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