I always say everyone has a story, and mine could easily be made into that of a fairy tale in several areas of my life!  Ahhh...where to begin, where to begin... 

To sum up my childhood, I was born and raised into a creative Portuguese family.  I was brought up in humble beginnings while spending my summers on my grandparents' farmlands in the Azores, Portugal.  I first discovered my gift in event planning at the tender age of 17 when I single-handedly planned a carnival-esque open house to bring in business for a chiropractor I was working for in Massachusetts.  At 23, I acknowledged the natural talent I possessed as a Wedding Planner; and at 25, discovered my natural talents as an Interior Designer.  From that point on, people would come seek me to plan their weddings and events, and ask me to design and decorate their homes.  Before I knew it, I found myself seriously considering opening my own company.  Due to my busy work schedule and lack of support, it didn't feel like it would happen any time soon; but fate would soon intervene and give me everything I needed to make my dreams come true.

In 2007, I experienced a life-changing point in my life -- a traumatic chemical exposure at my place of employment that left me highly sensitive to anything with non-organic chemicals such as perfumes, cleaning products, cigarettes, air fresheners, etc.  I lost my job as I battled with my new-found health condition of RADS (Reactive Airways Disorder Syndrome), and lost just about everything in my life.  Rather than letting this defeat me, I found the strength within to keep going and took it as a sign to go after my dreams of owning my own event planning and interior design company, becoming an activist to bring awareness to the dangers of  chemicals in our everyday products, becoming a pin-up model as well as a role model to others, a musician (the producer of the song you're presently  listening to on this site), a philosophical poet, and doing my best to help change our world for the better through using my gifts and through my unrelenting determination and fearlessness to speak up about such serious issues.  

In undergoing these massive life changes, the vision I had for my company began to take shape.  I felt guided to build my business around planning unique, offbeat, creative weddings and events while continuing to plan traditional weddings.  I knew the best place to get started on this venture would be to relocate to Los Angeles, CA (land of out-of-the-box weddings and events) and became professionally trained by the ACPWC (Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants).  The name Angelic Affairs came to me one day in meditation, and resonated with my spirituality as well as the birthplace of the beautiful, chemical-free, and eco-friendly company I was building -- Affairs of the City of Angels.  Within a short time of my being in Southern California, researching the market, and building Angelic Affairs, I quickly made friends with celebrities and other talented artists in the area.  I then booked my first wedding with Angelic Affairs (a Crazy Hat Party Zelda-Themed Wedding) which was published in Offbeat Bride and Florist Review!  I knew in that moment I was on the right path to a successful career as I continued to follow my passion of specialzing as an offbeat, LGBT Wedding & Event Planner and Interior Designer.  

Word quickly got out about myself and Angelic Affairs, and I found myself traveling back to New England for another offbeat wedding I was hired to plan that would soon be published in Rock 'N Roll Bride!  With so many doors of opportunities opening for me, it began to make more sense to move back to New England.  These opportunities also included me planning destination weddings in other states and countries for people I had connected with in Southern California.  For some of my destination weddings, my clients didn't require me to attend.  Hence, I discovered this new gift of remotely planning weddings and events worldwide from wherever I was living.  My extensive knowledge and ease of researching travel destinations, venues, and vendors made it easy for me to do as I paired my clients with the right vendors for their event.  And...like that...Angelic Affairs became a bi-coastal and international wedding|event planning and interior design company.  I now spend most of the year in New England as one of the few wedding planners who plan LGBT and offbeat weddings and events; spend my winters in Southern California; and travel wherever my expertise is required.  

While building Angelic Affairs and meeting with other wedding planners, I quickly knew I was onto a process that made it more possible for me to be so successful with my clients.  I designed and created a BOOKING PROCESS system entailing a Detailed Online Questionnaire that I email to potential clients prior to meeting for our complimentary consultations.  What this enables me to do is create a Budget Analysis as well as a Design Inspiration Board to show potential clients that I see their vision and can create it within their budget while including my fee into a custom package that fits best with what they need.  In addition, for every event, I come prepared with an Emergency Wedding Planning Kit, including a sewing kit for any last-minute mishaps.  With my perfectionist eye and planning every event as if it were my own, in combination with my resourcefulness, intuitive, and multi-tasking abilities, I'm always prepared for any bumps in the road we may hit so that you and your guests enjoy a stress-free and memorable experience.  I live by the motto that anything is possible and, being the resourceful event planner that I am, I will always find a way to get things done! 
I also find ways to give back to the community by encouraging clients to donate leftover food to local homeless shelters and flowers to local hospice centers.  I also encourage recycling and using environmentally-friendly items whenever possible.  You can look at Angelic Affairs as the glue that holds the vendors and details of your event together, and that radiates positivity and good karma by giving back to our local communities.  By hiring Angelic Affairs, you're not only gaining an event planner -- you're gaining an open-minded, optimistic, respectful, chill yet assertive person who will always give 110% in making your dreams come true on the wings of love!


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