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What makes Angelic Affairs so sought after and successful, is our desire and ability to create each event we plan based around who YOU are in ways you wouldn't have thought of coming from a professional Wedding | Event Planner!  We achieve this by emailing potential clients our Detailed Event Questionnaire.  

Our clients love this because it gives them peace of mind in knowing that they're meeting an experienced professional who cares about the little details of their event.  It does three things:

 (1)  Shows you a majority of the details that go into planning an event  

(2)  Gives us an insight as to who you are so we can tie in your personality and your story into your unique event  

(3)  Enables us to show you that you can afford to book us and still remain within your budget 
(like hiring a free event planner).  Our pricing is customized based on your needs and within your budget.   

Here's how...

    *     Contact Kelly via the SHOUT OUT page

    *     Within a short timeframe, you will                            receive an email with your Detailed Event            Questionnaire

    *     Once you've completed your questionnaire            by clicking on the FINISHED button at the              bottom 
of the last page, you will see a                        "Thank You" message, indicating that your
           completed questionnaire has automatically            been emailed to me

   *      Within 24 hours of obtaining your               
           completed questionnaire, I will create your
           customized Budget Analysis and 
           Preliminary Design Inspiration Board, I                  will then contact you to schedule your                      complimentary consultation in person, via            Skype, or over the phone 
depending on                    your location as we plan events worldwide

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